Back Story

In the summer of my tenth year, I was presented a trip alone to the east coast of Canada where my grandparents lived. It was clearly different from where I lived. It was a wonderful summer, and I returned to my neighborhood in Detroit to discover that I had out-grown it.

Then in the summer of my twelfth year, my parents gave me and my younger sister a very special treat. We motored west from Detroit to a magic kingdom in California called Disneyland. We arrived to celebrate the one year anniversary of that special place. That was for me the defining event of my life, and because of it, I was never again satisfied with where I lived. Disneyland was clearly fun for a 12-year-old, but it was the trip that had a real influence on me, and clearly brought out the gypsy in my soul. Seeing the USA at ground level, and not at 35,000 feet as most folks see it today changed my point of view.

Those who know me might argue that I never actually grew up, and that could be true.  If it is, I wear it like a badge of honor., because I have never lost my love for travel, or for the promise of adventure. It is the journey of discovery that motivates me, and my desire to share what I discover is the inspiration for this website.  My goal is to keep updating it as often as possible, but no matter what, it will always be the place for a unique point of view.

Thanks for taking a look at what I have to offer.  My goal is to have a website that will experience constant change, so come back often, and please tell your friends about what you have experienced.  I value your input.


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