My Short Biography


During the Second World War, my parents immigrated to the United States from Canada. Very soon thereafter my father joined the US Army Air Corps. He was selected to be a gunnery instructor at the training base in Harlingen, Texas. Shortly thereafter my mother came to visit him, and that is when I came knocking on the door, so to speak, so I was born in Texas. Apparently, being born in Texas of immigrant parents makes me ineligible to be president, but I can live with that.

After the war we moved to Detroit, Michigan where, thanks mostly to Henry Ford, and a few other visionaries, the job market was booming. When I was twelve years old, I went on a trip with my family to California. My exposure to the American “Wild-Wild West” was suddenly too strong to ever allow me to stay In Michigan. The Viet Nam fiasco was my ticket back to California. In 1964 I joined the USAF, and courtesy of Uncle Sam, I got a free trip Northern California.

My friends and advisors want me to write about my many experiences in California, and elsewhere. They want me to write about the outrageous experiences that I have had, and the legion of famous people that I met along the way. While I did enjoy meeting all of them, and having the experience of actually being in several Hollywood movies, I am not what you would call a Hollywood type. Nevertheless, I did get to see and interact with many “famous” people. For someone from the mid west, it was a real eye opener to find out that the fantasy of Hollywood is just that, a fantasy.

I really enjoyed my 30 years in California, but as good as it was for me back then, a warmer climate continually beckoned to me, so in 1991 I left the USA for the warm tropical climate of Central America. There were some things that I had to leave behind, but I have never regretted the move, and once I became a part of “new” culture, I felt as if I were home. Yes, there are things that I miss about the good old USA, but one must give up some things to get other things. Maybe this website will provide an insight into that.

Thankfully, by design, I left out a lot of information about me here. Nevertheless, I know that as the website matures, more info about me will “leak” out, but for now this thumbnail of the Reader’s Digest version is all you get. My goal with the website is to inform you about things that I feel are important. My focus is life in the Tropics, but anything interesting is fair game. When appropriate, I will assist you with information that could be useful should you desire to move to Central America.

I would not say that I am an expert on life in Central America, but I sure do know a lot about living here. I also know about buying property here and the ALL the things to consider before one makes the move into this part of the world. Of course a vacation is relatively easy to manage, so when the snow flies in your neck of the woods, you might opt for a tropical get-a-way for a week or two. Jet travel has made that relatively cheap, and clearly very easy. I am not a travel agent, but given what I know about Central America, I probably should be. If I can be of assistance to you in this regard, then please send me an email.

Thanks for visiting my website, and for being part of my adventure, Your input is welcomed, and your participation in the discussion areas is requested. Now as we say in Costa Rica… Pura Vida!


Jim Sayers

Note: This website will change on a regular basis, so come back often.

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