According to the Kardashev Scale of civilization, there are three types of planets. Type one, type two, and type three respectively. On  this scale, our earth is a type zero.

CLICK HERE To read about the Kardashev Scale.

Unfortunately, our current technology cannot control the weather. After a moderate amount of rain this past winter, California is already back into a heavy summer drought complete with the traditional forest and grass fires. As you can see in my video, Lake Mead is at it’s lowest level since it was created. This has got to have a negative effect on Las Vegas, and the other communities down stream of Lake Mead—including portions of Mexico, if you can believe that.  CLICK HERE to read about the dispute.

On the other side of the coin, Memphis Tennessee, has an abundance of water, as does Costa Rica, where I live. Too bad we can’t control the weather, or can we? Some say that we can, and that we are, but not for the benefit of everyone.  in fact, maybe the reverse is true, but I don’t know. However, it would be great to have a way of providing sufficient rain to the areas that need it.

Just thinking out loud again.


Drinkable Water

Thinking out loud...

You may have plenty of good drinkable water where you live, but so many locations do not. Never fear, the profiteers are ready to assist you…for a price of course.  In some places, water is now more costly than an equal amount of gasoline. How strange is that?  Stories abound about someone, or a group of someones controlling the weather to make drought conditions. I have no knowledge of that, so I will just let it be a thought in the wind for now.  You can do your own research on that issue if you so desire.  However, if I were the evil overlord of the world, I would buy up all the water rights, and then start causing droughts. Sound too far fetched? Well the Internet is rife with information about this very thing happening right before our eyes, or so it seems. Here are some links that support those suspicions.

Link to Water Barons

Link to Water Grab

Link to Coca Cola Page

If you care to know more, do a web search for: Who is buying up all the water rights in the world.

It would be a great story were it simply a case of a benevolent company coming to the rescue, but I wonder if maybe something more sinister is afoot. If you can help clarify this situation, please share your information here.



Today’s Pitiful Offering – Canal News

The BIG news from the Republic of Panama (in the deep south), is about what will happen on June 26.  That is when the Panama Canal will open the new wider shipping lanes, and bigger locks.  This will allow the majority of the ships that were heretofore too large to take advantage of the famous path between the seas. The dedication of the “new” canal is bound to be a world class event, and I plan to be there to report back to you on this piece of history. There will be film at 11, so stay stewed to be part of history in the making.

That’s the view from my chair,


To read more about the new canal, CLICK HERE.

Today’s Pitiful Offering – Rain!!!

I think that I might have screwed up.  We were shy of rain, and the city was covered with volcanic ash so I prayed for rain. I even went into the street and did a Native American Dance to bring on the rain and wash away the ash. I was not really sure that would work, but it did entertain the neighbors. The applause and shouts of “Gringo Loco” encouraged me to keep dancing.

It turns out that I danced for too long, and now the rain will not stop. I just watched the news and there are many flooded areas in the city.  It is clear that I was messing with forces beyond my pay grade.  CLICK HERE to see the result.

The only Sun Dance that I know is a film festival in Utah, so I am not sure what to do now.

That’s the view from my floating chair.


Today’s Pitiful Offering – Weather

Rain rain go away…not. Okay, I am back talking about the weather again. Normally, that would be somewhat boring, but in light of the recent focus on “climate change,” it is clearly more appropriate than in the past. It is now raining quite heavily in San José, and in the surrounding area. In light of the recent volcanic eruptions near the city, the rains are even more welcome. The volcano spews out a fine ash known in Spanish as ceniza volcánica. It is like a fine face power that covers everything. It creates problems related to breathing, especially for asthmatics. For more info CLICK HERE

Other parts of Costa Rica, as well as Panama and Nicaragua are also in need of some serious rain, so I hope that there is enough to go around. Right now it sure seems like there is. Those who have read my blogs already know that one of the four factors that are against the building of a canal in Nicaragua is the current lack of water. Lake Nicaragua, the lake that forms the basis of the proposed new canal is quite deficient in water right now. However, I hasten to add that it will indeed take more than just a higher lake level to guarantee the canal will be built, but if one wants a canal, then one must have water. CLICK HERE

I am happy that the rains have finally turned on, because they bring life, unless of course they come too quickly, and in too much quantity. Having a flood is no fun for the people who are affected. In Central America, the rainy season means that it can rain. It is sometimes confused with the term monsoon season, which we do not really have here, except in October, when it can rain really hard for many days, but during the rest of the rainy season, it usually only rains in the afternoon, or at night. That means that most mornings are sunny and bright, which allows one to do what must be done outside. In the afternoon, when it does rain, I stay inside and write blogs. If it is raining really hard, I sometimes contemplate building an ark!

In the absence of any real knowledge, my gut feeling is telling me that this year will bring sufficient rain to areas that in recent years have been a bit shy of the normal tropical rain. As for Nicaragua. if they are to have any chance of building a new canal, they need some very heavy rains this rainy season.

That’s the view from my chair…



Note: In the event you care to know about volcanoes, click here

Today’s Pitiful Offering 2-160529

Today’s Pitiful Offering – The Mall

I went to the new mall today and I took some video. Well, that is until a security guard told me that I could not take video of the activities. I asked him to show me the regulation against taking photos or video, and suddenly he was lost. Since I already had what I wanted, I put my camera away. That made him feel like he was doing his job. I felt good that I was able to allow him to feel like he was actually doing his job. Weeeeeeee!

The mall  looked decent when only looking at a relatively small portion at a time, but looking at the big picture, it looked as if it were designed by a committee where each member spoke a different language. Add to that the fact that it is much like most other malls in the known universe, it is a monument to what not to create. In any case, they needed a new mall in the area like your cat needs more fleas. San José is a big city that, in reality, is just a huge mall with some hotels, government offices, and restaurants sprinkled around to make it seem otherwise. It is for me, a big boring city. Of course, with it’s mountains, forests, and beaches, Costa Rica is really beautiful and is very different than San José, which seems as out of place here, as the new mall.

With regard to the new mall, several words come to mind. In no particular order, ill conceived, sterile, and clearly not needed.

That’s the view from my chair.



Rain has come to Costa Rica

Captain’s Blog – May 2, 2016

The Rains have come to Costa Rica, and I am happy to report, that in most locations of country, the dry season has given way to the wet season. There is a mini dry season in June and July, but the rain never seems to completely go away during those months. October is usually the month when the heavy rains come, but if there is some rain each week, the people, especially the farmers will be happy. The question now becomes…will there be enough rain in the areas that grow crops and feed livestock? My feeling is this year Costa Rica will receive the rain where it is needed, but I am not in charge, so the farmers will do what they have always done. Rely on Mother Nature to bring the life-giving rain.

CLICK HERE for weather report



Back from the Southern Zone

Exploring Costa Rica – Bahía Ballena – Part 2

I made it back okay from Whale Bay.  I had a great time as did all in attendance.  I have some pix to post, and at some point, I will have a very nice video available.  I had a great time, but when I arrived back at my house, I started getting sick, and I essentially lost a day.  I am happy to report that, with every hour that passes, I seem to be getting better, so I will have more to say about the trip within the next couple of days.

For those that commented (off-line) about the maps in the previous post, I have this information for you.  It turns out that in the interest of conserving space, the server “detunes” some images. Displaying the maps as a photo is a quick and easy way to go, but as several of you pointed out, they are fuzzy after the server does its thing.  Accordingly, I will find a better way to put maps on the site, and as I have done for so many years, I will be creative in finding a work-around,  In any case, thanks for the feed-back.


The Rainy Season

Captain’s Blog – April, 20 2016

I am not predisposed to become involved in the climate change debate, but I am curious how California can be in a serious drought, while at the exact same time, Texas is underwater. At the very least that does not seem fair. The brilliant physicist, Michio Kaku, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michio_Kaku is fond of using a planetary scale of evolution first proposed by Soviet astronomer, Nikolai Kardashev, to explain the level of development of a civilization. He assigns a number; either a 1, 2 or 3 to indicate the development or advancement of a planetary civilization. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale It turns out that the earth is a 0 (zero) on this scale. That puts us just a short distance past the Stone Age.  Ouch!

Even as a young person, I can remember that I wondered why we can’t control the weather. Maybe I will live to see the day that actually happens. According to some folks, we are already doing it, but apparently not for our benefit. That is a topic for another time. Right now I am concerned that the rainy season will commence in Costa Rica, and be adequate for the farmers this year. Last year was a little lean, so maybe this year will excite the men and women who grow the crops, and raise the livestock. As for me, I am looking for the return of the deep green fields, and hill sides.  I want my videos to show the real beauty of tropical Costa Rica.

The term rainy season is often incorrectly interpreted to mean the monsoon season. There are days in October where parts of Panama, and Costa Rica must look as if they are experiencing monsoons, but in the main, the rainy season is simply the time of year when it can rain–usually from Mid April (now) until the end of November. However, the last couple of years saw some rain in December, and even January.  Is this due to Climate Change?

My wish is that we get plenty of rain this year, but I want it to come in storms that are fairly evenly spaced and not all at once. I like the tropical rain, and I must confess that I do like a fairly strong storm from time to time. Technically, Cost Rica does not get hurricanes, or tornadoes. Nevertheless, there have been times when local winds were similar to a tornado. I am not sure that there ever was a tornado, but if it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, then…

I grew up in the USA, and in the course of my life I have been very close to seven tornadoes, or was that seven ducks? I try explaining to my Central American wife what it is like to be in or near a tornado, but without an example at hand, it is hard to convey the true essence of the experience.  I finally gave up, and opted instead to show her the movie TwisterShe is watching it even as I write this. I just now realized that some of the sound effects that I am hearing are coming from her as she reacts to what is happening on screen.

I like living in Costa Rica, and I no longer miss the four seasons. In Costa Rica there are only two seasons–winter and summer. That translates into wet or dry, or in reality, to mud or dust. I still love the fall in Michigan, where for a time, the trees turn bright colors and look as if they are on fire. Thankfully, I can always see this in the beautiful 4k photos posted on the Internet.  I sure don’t miss the traditional Michigan cold winters, or the snow (except maybe on Christmas morning.)

Warm Tropical Wishes to you, and let the rains begin.