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Exploring Costa Rica – Bahía Ballena – Part I

This weekend I am going to Bahía Ballena (Whale Bay) to spend a couple of days at a resort on the Pacific Ocean. My goal is to make a video and take still photos for the owners.  I understand that it is about three and a half hours in a bus from San Jose to Playa Ballena (Whale Beach.) As always, if there is something worth seeing, and if I get some decent video, I will post it on the web.

Playa Ballena is part of Bahía Ballena–a stunning stretch of coastline located on the Pacific coast in what the Costa Ricans call the southern zone.  In addition to a great view of the magnificent blue Pacific Ocean, it offers one a great view of the lush green coastal mountains that spread down to the Pacific coastline.  Like so much of Costa Rica, this area is incredibly beautiful.

There is no surprise that “Whale Bay” gets its name from the numerous whales that migrate into the area each year to give birth in the warm tropical waters. The whales that come here make whale watching a very popular tourist attraction. These whale watching tours are among the most popular activities in the area. Sadly, now is NOT the migration season.  However, what is unique about this area is that when the whales do come, they come from both the northern and the southern hemispheres. It is easy for me to get to Playa Ballena so I will make it a point to return when the whales are here. We’ll have a party! It will be a Whale of a time. (Okay, no more bad puns.)

In addition to whales and dolphins, many species of land mammals also inhabit the area.  If I am lucky, I will encounter one or two while I have my camera in my hand.  If I do have a bit of luck, I will share it with you.

Stay tuned for Part II.


To see my route of travel, follow the thin red line to the push pin in the lower right of the picture.  That is about 130 miles, and it takes about three hours by bus.  The buses are usually very comfortable so that’s not too bad.Ballena-1

Here’s a closer view of the area.  It is easy to see the bay and the beaches. Ballena-2

Below is a more traditional map of the area.  You can see how the road follows the ocean, and off to the east (to the right on the map) is the coastal  mountain range.Ballena-4

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5 thoughts on “Whale Bay

  1. Sounds like you are heading for a great week-end get-away! Wish I could carry your luggage.
    Well, I’ll look for some interesting pictures about this venture….Have a great time!

    • Butch… I am only taking a small day pack so not much luggage. Besides, my wife will not have much trouble carrying that small pack for me.

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