If you are a “doubting Thomas” it is time to pay attention to what is happening in the world of vaccines. A short time ago I sent out an email to my friends that contained a couple of pictures sent to me by a friend of mine. What came back to me were messages stating that the photos were somehow faked and in essence saying that she is lying. I asked my friend if she had faked them and she said no, they are real. What follows vindicates her, and she accepts your apologies.

Logic dictates that the weight of a cellular phone is too great to stick to someone’s arm by simple magnetism, and trying to use a magnet to prove that is not possible is not a valid test. That may seem logical, but the phenomenon related to the Covid vaccines, or at least one brand of those vaccines is clearly in play.

A Mexican TV show set out to debunk the many YouTube videos showing this magnetic phenomenon. (The link is at the end of this text.) The video shows that what happened surprised them. With their tails between their legs, they cut short their debunking efforts, but the damage had already been done. It is interesting to watch in real-time the proof that this Phenomenon is real. The stunned presenters and all who were watching it happen in real-time were instantly confused because logic did not seem to apply. When we are eventually told or when we otherwise discover the real reason for the magnetic properties it might become logical, but until then it is an indicator of an interesting (unknown) process in play. A cellular phone seems too heavy to be held up by a normal magnet. (Try it.)

Many board-certified doctors and top researchers have stated publicly that for a variety of reasons the vaccines are dangerous and harmful. No doubt you have seen or heard about the deaths or the adverse reactions that result when some people take the vaccine. The powers that be (TPTB) try to explain away those incidences as isolated. In a way they are correct, but high-profile cases like India’s top doctor dying the day after he took the vaccine live on TV present an inconvenient truth for the evil agenda behind the vaccines.

The attempts to silence any opposition to the vaccines are unprecedented. The drug companies have been asked again and again to disclose what is in the vaccine. They refuse to do that citing proprietary concerns. Say what? They have a guaranteed lock on the manufacturing and sale of the vaccine so that reason just does not fly. That leaves only one other possibility. They are producing a vaccine that has an ominous agenda, and the world desperately needs to understand what that agenda is. Where I live most newscasts devote the first 15 to 20 minutes every day to pushing the vaccines. Thankfully, many people here have caught on to what is happening and are refusing the vaccine. Sadly, the global reach of the evil ones has invaded the travel industry and soon one will not be allowed to travel unless proof of having the vaccine can be established. This Covid passport is as Orwellian as it gets. We live in a brave new world indeed.

There is a real concern that the vaccine will alter people’s DNA. There is already some early proof of that, but the long-lasting effects will take time to surface. I do not believe that we will see a world of “Walking Dead.” They won’t be walking.

Whatever your view of the vaccine the proof of the magnetic properties is now very clear. My neighbor had her second shot yesterday and when she came home she stuck to her refrigerator. The paramedics had to come and free her. This situation is… Okay, I made that up but is not that much of a stretch of the reality of what is happening worldwide. There are serious questions about the vaccine that must be answered. If you took the vaccine and you did not suffer or exhibit any adverse reactions then you were lucky. The real question is: What will happen in the long term?

The following video is in Spanish. Many of you will not understand the words but the video is easy to follow. You can turn down the sound if you wish and just watch what happens. It is interesting to watch the presenters. They set out to debunk the magnetic phenomenon and the opposite happened. Oops!

The evidence is now out in the open. The internet has hundreds of papers and videos that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Covid-19 vaccines have strange and even sinister properties. If you decide to take the vaccine that is your business but at least consider the facts. Some people who did take the vaccine died from the virus anyway. That is most unsettling.

For additional information:

I like They are not afraid to publish anything and they just might be the most politically incorrect website on the Internet. It is a great antidote for completely censored and controlled websites. People deserve to know the truth.

What a Croc

I actually have several videos of crocodiles that I have taken over the years.  The video speaks for itself so Click here to view it. 

Welcome to Tomorrow

A look at the changing landscape of our worldPART 1

One of the hardest things to do correctly is to predict the future. It is an interesting exercise but the nature of life on earth is fraught with un-imagined twists and turns. I don’t have a crystal ball but I do pay attention to developments in science and technology so I can offer an educated guess. Time will tell if my vision of the future was accurate or not.


I grew up in Detroit, Michigan during the Golden Age of the automobile. I feel blessed to have been there to experience the automobile before it morphed into what it is today. it was a real treat for a young boy. Automotive technology has steadily advanced, but the romance of the Golden Age is long gone. Thankfully museums and private collectors like Jay Leno have kept the romance alive.


As electric vehicles become more and more popular there will be less need for traditional auto repair shops. They will slowly disappear. However, it will take some time. Even if there is a rapid transition to electric cars, it will likely about 10 years, maybe more for most of them to go out of business for lack of business. The final two or three years of the transition that has already begun will see a rapid departure from what exists now, but don’t sell your stock in the local mechanic just yet. In 2021 there are not enough alternatives to the current crop of gasoline and diesel-powered cars.

Typical gasoline or diesel engines need hundreds of individual parts to function. An electrical motor needs about 20. Some electric cars are being sold with lifetime guarantees and are currently only repaired by dealers. I am told that an electric motor can be replaced in as little as 10 minutes. That is a big departure from replacing an internal combustion engine which can take a couple of days. The electric motor will be a game-changer for the auto industry. There will come a time when faulty electric motors will not even be repaired in the dealership but will be sent to a regional repair shop that uses ROBOTS to repair them. Robots and robotic processes are already here and will continue to expand to the point of eliminating the need for much human intervention. The combination of robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) could even become the dominant form of life on the planet. It is anticipated that this scenario could happen as soon as 2050. Some say even sooner. This also raises the question about job opportunities and job security. I delve deeper into that situation in Part 2

If you have a malfunctioning electric motor in your car then time and the ease of repair are on your side. You drive into what looks like a car wash and your car slowly moves through while you have a cup of coffee. In that short time, your car comes out on the other side with a new electric motor or replacement component. This is a great visual, but it will be a few years before this will likely be a daily experience. I imagine that some people might be wondering if such a process will also be available in the future for changing one’s spouse.


Will a reduced need for combustible fuel stations make them disappear? Yes, but the date for this is very difficult to predict. Nevertheless, at some point gas stations will go the way of the buggy whip.

The advent of the electric car demands plentiful electric charging stations. Governments and private companies will install electrical recharging stations. This has already started in many developed countries. No doubt you have already seen these locations.

Tesla is just the tip of the spear. The move to electric cars is well underway. Major auto manufacturers have already invested in new plants that will ONLY build electric cars. Additional information can be found here:

A baby born today will likely only see “personal cars” in museums. The FUTURE is approaching faster than most of us can handle. I have not owned a car for over 30 years now. I was able to transition away from owning a car because of where I live. As a person that at one time had a love affair with cars, I found the transition a bit difficult. However, my main motivation was to force myself to walk a lot to mitigate the effects of my type II diabetes. It worked. My lifestyle proves that for some people a car is an option, but for others, probably most people, having a car is an absolute must. I use Uber taxis, and a few times a year I rent a car. My yearly transportation costs are only a fraction of what most people with a car are paying. Consider the following:

The cost of the Car…
Parking fees…
Gasoline… (unless it is electric)
Oil Changes… (unless it is electric)

The Utopian plan is telling us that The big difference between 2021 and 2025 is that by 2025 there might not be a need for human drivers. I don’t necessarily believe that, but I do believe that in 2025 the trend will be toward autonomous cars. I would bet on that coming to pass. Pride of ownership aside, the reality is that self-driving cars and taxis will alter the age of the personally-owned automobile.


In a few years, the entire auto industry will be disrupted. 2018 brought forth the first self-driving cars. 2021 promises sufficient advancements to start making the technology mainstream, but some folks disagree. Nevertheless, whenever it is a proven technology you might not want to own a car anymore. You will do what I do now. You will call for a car with your phone and it will show up at your location and drive you to your destination. You will pay only for the distance driven and there will be no need to park it. Right now my taxis do have a human driver, but likely, children born in 2021 and beyond will never get a driver’s license and never even own a car. This will change the landscape of our cities because the reduced need for private cars will also reduce the need for parking spaces. Some people are already suggesting those unneeded parking lots will be turned back into green areas. I am wondering about the psychological effect of not owning a car. For some, it may be like trying to break an addiction.


About 1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide, including distracted or drunk drivers. Currently, there is one accident per every 60,000 miles driven. However, it is anticipated that with autonomous driving that will drop to one accident in about 6 million miles. That alone will save a million-plus lives each year and it will affect Insurance companies as well.

Without accidents, the cost of insurance will become cheaper. The current automobile insurance business model will eventually disappear. Some auto insurance companies will likely cease to exist once the transition to autonomous driving is well underway.


Volvo is now producing hybrid cars and in the not-too-distant future they intend to phase out the hybrid models and go completely electric. Volkswagen and Audi also are well aware of Tesla’s success and what it is doing to the auto market. All the major companies are now offering electric vehicles. Ford, GM, and Chrysler are well into the transition to electric cars. Once Tesla showed the market everyone else followed.

Say goodbye to OPEC

The Middle East is in trouble! The middle east is ALWAYS in trouble. Oil is king right now but it is becoming an endangered species. The question is how long will it take to be phased out completely. The current occupant of the White House in the USA has been tasked to try to save the worldwide oil industry, but nobody can hold back the tide. However, if we are going to transition to electric cars then the electricity needed to support that Utopian Dream must be generated from some source. Maybe it is not time to sell your oil, gas, or coal stocks just yet, but that day is eventually coming.


With solar power, homes can produce and store more electrical energy during the day than they use. The excess production can be sold back to the grid which can then dispense it to industries that are high electricity users. I have not seen the statistics but I imagine that worldwide thousands of houses are already doing just that, Fossil energy companies have at times tried to limit that access to the grid to prevent competition from home solar installations, but that simply cannot continue, and it should not. Technology will dictate a new paradigm in the not-too-distant future.

Solar conversion has been happening for years. Every passing year brings significant improvements. Elon Musk came out with something called “The Tesla roof?” A good concept but the original concept did not go as planned. Nonetheless, the combined initiatives of the industry are rapidly gaining traction.

In general, the concept of a one hundred percent solar-powered world is possible. Technically that situation would produce the electrical output that the dreamers envision, but the cost and the other realities of getting there will place this well into a future that might not materialize. Many people reading this will probably be dead or very old before it becomes a reality. Will solar work? Yes, but only if a significant number of private homes and businesses use it.

If you have a different view then please share it with me.


Thoughts on the Weather

I live in the mountains of Central America at 4000-feet above sea level. That is just slightly below the level of the clouds, so when a rainstorm passes as it does every day now, the thunder is very loud. It rattles the rafters in the house and the fillings in my teeth. I do enjoy a few loud thunderclaps, but my wife and the cat do not. As I write this, I can see a furry tail sticking out from under the bed.

In Central America, December to April is called “summer.” It does not rain in summer. There is no defined spring, or autumn, just summer, which is hot and dry, or winter, which is hot and wet. The winter I knew it when I lived in Michigan was very different. The two seasons here are MUD or DUST. April to November is known as “The Rainy Season. ” What we call the rainy season does not denote a monsoon season, but there are years that might challenge that assessment.

This year is a very wet winter on the isthmus. The daily rain stands in stark contrast to the North American west that is bone dry and on fire. Our forests here are so wet they couldn’t burn if you tried to light them on fire with a military-grade flame thrower.

Something missing. Strictly speaking, the inhabitants of planet earth, as in you and me, cannot control the weather any more than our prehistoric cousins could, but it goes beyond weather. According to Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev, the earth is a Type Zero civilization. His chart defines a civilization’s level of technological advancement based on how they are able to control energy. Here are the three types:

A Type I civilization, also called a planetary civilization—can use and store all the energy available on its planet.

A Type II civilization also called a stellar civilization—can use and control energy at the scale of its planetary system.

A Type III civilization also called a galactic civilization—can control energy at the scale of its entire host galaxy.

We can dispense with the Type II and Type III civilizations right away, but why are we not even a Type I planetary civilization? It is embarrassing to realize that in 2020 we have not even made the first category.

Some insist that we can control the weather, but that technology, if it really exists must be in the hands of an evil cabal that wants to destroy the world by creating hurricanes, droughts, floods, and other such events. I scarcely know how to respond to that, so I will put that notion aside for now. My stance is that if we had the technology that, in my humble opinion we should have, California would not be on fire, and there would not be any flooding in Central America. Should you have some information about weather control, please send it to me at or enter it in the Leave a Reply box below.

If we look closely at the history of the planet we see that over the centuries, there were times of both hot and cold periods. The record is clear that over millions of years, ice ages alternated with much warmer climate conditions. However, the previous 12,000 years show a dramatic change in the earth’s climate.

Climate and weather are related, but they are not the same. On a given day a location could be very hot, while elsewhere on the same day a different location is very cold. When we try to use weather as a way to judge climate we end up like the participants in the story of the five blind men examining the Elephant. Each example is correct, but nobody has addressed the entire issue.

Among the worldwide issues, the climate debate has been center stage for years. Only the Coronavirus has moved it from the spotlight. There does seem to be Global Warming taking place, but there is also evidence for Global Cooling. Both opposing points of view have credible scientific spokespersons, so like the heavy rain outside my window, the climate debate also rages on. People tend to line up on one side or another and go to great lengths to defend their position.

My reason for posting this is not to engage in the Global Warming debate but rather to draw attention to the sorry state of our lack of technological development regarding the ability to control the weather. Year after year I watch California go up in flames while rain is abundant here. In my opinion that is a very sad situation.

I am a technology junkie, but I find it confusing when people tell me that technologically speaking, we are a highly advanced civilization when it is clearly evident that we have no more control over the weather than our ancestors did. I would like to live long enough to see that situation change.

I will say more about this , but now if you will excuse me, I must go comfort the cat.


The world of Elon Musk – PART-1

Elon Musk seems to be more than one person. Somehow he has time to run an automobile company, a rocket ship company, a battery company, and now he is interested in modifying human beings. His stated motivation for this is because he believes Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous technology. I happen to agree with him. He has finally acknowledged that there is simply no way to stop the advancement of that technology. Consequently, he has determined that if we can’t beat them, we must join them. I am not sure how I feel about that.

While this technology is interesting, it is also quite scary. Some say that it smacks of the biblical Mark of the Beast. There Is no need to decide today whether you will line up for your chip, but I think that it is fair to say that at some point the technology could be approved, and along with the other plans for marking and tracking humans, this one will be considered. However, if Elon is to be believed this may be more of salvation, than a condemnation. Only time will tell.

Deep Impact

Except for when I saw the movie “Deep Impact,” I have never been scared by the thought of an asteroid strike, so why do I write so much about them? The short answer is that I have been interested in asteroids, comets, and meteors since I was young, but a better answer is that in 2019 I had a briefing from some professional astronomers that renewed my interest in asteroids, and what might be headed our way. What they told me seemed to have an air of urgency to it, and now given the apparent up-tick in asteroid activity by the media, and a seemingly greater public interest in asteroids, it appears as if I might have been given some relevant information. The part that really interests me is the recent increasing interest in asteroids by the world scientific community. The reaction coming from many quarters seems to indicate that something is afoot.

The following is from 2016
What would we do if we discovered a large asteroid on course to impact Earth? While highly unlikely, that was the high-consequence scenario discussed by attendees at an Oct. 25 NASA-FEMA tabletop exercise in El Segundo, California.

“While highly unlikely” is an interesting choice of words, but that sentiment is not the prevailing wisdom these days. They are from a conference back in 2016, and in my opinion, seem to be designed more to make all of us feel warm and fuzzy, but is that realistic?

The scientific community is aware that asteroids and other big space “rocks” pose a potential problem for the planet. In 2020, there was great concern about what might be headed our way. The average person must deal with the coronavirus, so awareness of the news regarding an asteroid on a potential collision course with the planet is probably not uppermost on their mind. News of the 2 asteroids that just missed us a while back is disconcerting because the encounter took us by surprise. Nevertheless, it is worthy of our attention. Moreover, the increase in the frequency of asteroid close encounter reports and the renewed interest in what’s going on near the planet are noteworthy.

If one looks for information about potential asteroid encounters one can find a number of potential candidates on the Internet. Much has been written about the asteroid called Apophis. CLICK HERE to read about the Friday the 13th near approach of that bad boy. Did I mention it is scheduled for April 2029, almost a decade away from now? I will check my calendar tonight to see if I will be available to watch it go by. In the meantime, we need to know what is happening right now regarding near-earth asteroids?

I have a personal rule of life that is if an event is more than five years away then I do not need to know about it, so when we get to 2024 I will start thinking about Apophis. Even then it will be just for fun.

In my school daze I had a science teacher that made a point of telling the class that in one billion years or so, the sun will run out of solar fuel and the earth will be doomed. Wow, alert the media, and by the way, what’s for lunch? Why does anyone care about events 1000 years from now let alone a billion years? Has there been a dramatic change in life expectancy and I missed the memo? Meanwhile, back in 2020…

The incidents of near-earth asteroid passing appear to be more frequent or maybe the detection is getting better. That may be in part due to the Internet and other modern communications methods. Accurate records of asteroid activity are kept by the people and agencies responsible for tracking asteroids. They would reveal if there is a recent increase in asteroid activity and/or a recent increase of asteroid close encounters. Astronomers and other people who watch the skies for a living are in a position to know the level of risk. I wonder if they are holding back information from the public?

The European Space Agency (ESA) reports:

such intense levels of international scientific collaboration are driven in part by the fact that an asteroid impact could cause devastating effects on Earth. This is a testament to the fact that we are at a point in human history where we are considering that we should do something about risky asteroids.

According to recent ESA estimates, there are 878 asteroids in the ‘risk list’. The ESA catalog brings together all asteroids we know of that have a ‘non-zero’ chance of impacting Earth in the next 100 years. Non-zero means that an impact, however unlikely, cannot be ruled out.

What are the odds that there is something out there that has yet to be discovered? Something that for a number of reasons has not yet shown its crater-pocked face. Something that is not yet seen by the astronomical community at large. Not possible you say, well we just missed one not long ago and it made the closest approach to Earth of any asteroid known to our scientific community. Even the asteroid hunters admit that blew it, but in fairness, they are doing a remarkable job with the resources they have available to them.

Several near earth asteroid passes are slated for the rest of 2020. We are told that only a very few could possibly collide with earth, and more are being reported as “big.” By virtue of the timing, the most famous one is the election day asteroid. The scientific community is in agreement that it is very small and poses no significant problem, unless of course it hits your polling place on November 2nd.

I will continue to post significant asteroid updates in my blogs, and as the situation warrants it, present timely updates on any asteroid activity that might affect us. In a future post, I will also share the bombshell information that I received during my face-to-face meeting in 2019 with some professional astronomers. In the meantime, look at the night sky as often as you can and enjoy the majesty of the universe.