Our Official Launch

Captain’s Blog– April, 16, 2016 
We are now live on the Internet

The Jim Sayers Experience.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my creation. It is already growing, and with a bit of luck, it will continue to grow for some time to come. It bears my name, but that’s just so I have a reasonable chance of remembering where I put it.  In reality, I intend it to showcase the experiences of other people as well. In addition to being an Internet forum, it is for me an experiment, and a learning experience.

I don’t know where it will take us, but I do know that it will change and grow as we go.  I invite you to participate with me, and with your input, we might both be surprised where it will go.  Use the form in the CONTACT page to sign-up for my newsletter, or to leave me a message.

Thanks again for your visit,



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