Dangerous Virus for Humanity

Dangerous Human Virus Image


For one of my first posts in the Health Matters Section, I decided to scare the heck out of you. I imagine that by starting with something simply too bad to contemplate, it will make most of the other health news seem like all good news.

Professor Stephen Hawking, the scientists most well known for his theories time, and on the nature of back holes—the ones in space, and also a leading proponent of not advertising to the galaxy our presence here on earth, is now speaking out on things so small we can’t see them without a microscope. He contends that a virus could end it all for humanity.  Not a pleasant thought!

The following link is not for the faint of heart. It is however good to be aware of what can affect us, so if you are up for it, CLICK HERE, or go back to the main menu, and click on “Humor” instead.


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