New Concrete Formulation

Hydrogen Bomb

Hydrogen Bomb

A new concrete formulation designed to keep winter surfaces ice-free also has the unexpected benefit of protecting electronics from electromagnetic attack. Developed by scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the concrete serves as a shield from pulses of electronic energy that emanate from a nuclear blast and threaten to disable everything from military equipment to TV sets.

The effects of an electromagnetic pulse were first observed in the early 1960s, when a 1.4 megaton thermonuclear bomb detonated in the mid-Pacific knocked out electronics as far away as Hawaii. This confirmed what many had theorized-nuclear explosions generated a powerful pulse of electromagnetic energy that flew invisibly through the air and capable of overloading and frying circuits in all kinds of devices. Despite being nearly 900 miles away, the pulse burned out streetlights across the state of Hawaii and tripped burglar alarms.

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Is it really the Red Planet?

The Red Planet Mars

The Red Planet

I willing to bet that you have seen several photos taken from the surface of Mars. They show the red landscape that we have all come to expect from a red planet, but is it really that red? The US Space Agency, and Hollywood, always shows Mars as being really red, so we take it for granted that mars has red dirt and a reddish atmosphere.   It is no doubt somewhat red, but is it all red? A few years ago, NASA was accused of false coloring the mars photos, and videos to make them look redder. I believe that they did admit that on at least on occasion, they did just that.  That is interesting, but I wonder why?

The European Space Agency (ESA) Lander did not survive, so now we must wait to see something a bit different than the photos from NASA. The photo below may be an artist’s rendering, or a frame from a promotional video, and NOT a real photo. However, it claims to depict Mars, and it is not so red.  I find it all quite interesting.


What Happened to the RED Planet?

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Is there a Flying Car in your Future?

Flying to work is not a new concept.  As you know, cars and planes were invented in the same general time frame, and the melding of the two concepts was envisioned shortly thereafter. It seems that in just about every decade since then, someone has produced a design for a flying car.

In the 1960’s I was young man, with a brand new pilot’s license. Back then there was a flying car that was capturing the imagination of the country.  Thanks to my flight instructor, I was placed high on a list to fly it, but I never did.  A week before it was my turn,  it crashed and killed the inventor.  That was a sad event, but it was lucky for me.  That machine had some design flaws.  Had I taken my turn at the controls, it could have been me that crashed.  That crash proved that there are many challenges to produce a truly safe flying car, and it is why we had to wait several decades to see it finally become a reality.  Happily for many people alive today, the technology has changed. The advent of new technology, computers and strong, but light weight construction materials  has created an environment quite conducive to creating a flying car.

The microprocessor (the computer chip), The Global Positioning System, (GPS,) and light weight, space age materials for the body, have all come together to create the reality of a flying car.  With this new technology the average person finally has a realistic chance of flying to work.  Of course, one must have the money to buy one of these fantastic machines.  The current versions are expensive, but In time the technology will mature, and the price will come down, but the concept is here, and ready for take-off, if you’ll pardon the pun.

In my view, the most successful entry will incorporate the best aspects of drone technology, and traditional aircraft design.  Computers will be used to assist the pilot with flight stability, and navigation. This will allow a buyer to achieve competent flight status in a relatively short period of time.

In the near term, the Federal Aviation Administration is poised to certify more than one of the new breed of flying cars. Once all the obstacles are overcome, the flying car will revolutionize the way we travel. Soon we will look up and see cars mixed in with airplanes, and maybe politicians will be promising a chicken in every pot, and a flying car in every garage.

CLICK HERE to see a video of the various flying cars that exist today.
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Liquid fuel from CO2

Reactor that produces liquid fuel from CO2 in the air to be tested in portable pilot plant. This is cutting edge technology. Full Story

Human Cloning

I believe that Human Cloning is against the law, but there is speculation, and maybe even evidence that it has already taken place. Full Story

One-Way Trip to Mars

It seemed like a great adventure–stupid but great! Now the company that took money from the hopeful space travelers, is bankrupt and the One-Way Trip to Mars has been cancelled!


Secure your house

Want to drive the robbers crazy. Use a hidden door to secure your house. [Video]

Hack Attack

How an attack on a company you’ve never heard of shut down the Internet.  For the full story of the Click Here.

Are we an Advanced Civilization?

The Kardashev planetary scale has a range of 1 to 3. It measures the technological advancement of the civilization on a planet.

A Type I civilization – also called planetary civilization – can use and store energy which reaches its planet from the neighboring star.

A Type II civilization can harness the total energy of its planet’s parent star (the most popular hypothetical concept being the Dyson sphere—a device which would encompass the entire star and transfer its energy to the planet(s).

A Type III civilization can control energy on the scale of its entire host galaxy.

It is unsettling to learn that, on that scale, our Earth is a Type zero civilization!

To learn why, click here.

Schiaparelli Mars Mission

On October 19, 2016, the European Space agency (ESA), attempted to land a craft on Mars.  It is called the Schiaparelli Mars Lander.  This type of landing on Mars had been done several times before by the USA, and at least once by the former USSR.  However, for some reason this landing seems special to me. Sadly, it is becoming more apparent that the landing did not go as planned, and the Lander might not have survived.

What happened to Schiaparelli Mars Lander?

As I write this, it is not certain that the soft landing was successful.  Updates are available on the ESA Website.  For up to date information directly from the source, click here

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