TPO… Rain!

I think that I might have screwed up.  We were shy of rain, and the city was covered with volcanic ash, so I prayed for rain.  I even went into the street and did a Native American Dance to bring on the rain and wash away the ash. I was not really sure that it would work, but it did entertain the neighbors. The applause and shouts of “Gringo Loco” encouraged me to keep dancing.

It turns out that I danced for too long, because now the rain will not stop. I just watched the news and there are many flooded areas in the city.  It is clear that I was messing with forces beyond my pay grade.  CLICK HERE to see the result.

The only Sun Dance that I know is a film festival in Utah, so I am not sure what to do now.

That’s the view from my floating chair.


1 thought on “TPO… Rain!

  1. I guess you got rain!!! Southeast Texas has more rain than they need. South Lyon could use some rain to keep the water bill under control. This too shall pass. Be happy you are not in California where rain is really needed. When the rain comes to California, all we will hear is mud slides. I am happy to be in Michigan. Michigan is doing fine weather wise.

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