Kovid Korner

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There is now an avalanche of information about the Coronavirus and the vaccines being foisted on people in the name of preventing the virus from spreading. The forces that control the world want everyone vaccinated, and they will go to any lengths to ensure that as many people as possible are vaccinated. For now, I will let you decide what are their motives, and what is their goal? I will also let you decide if you should get vaccinated.

I have many questions about the virus, but I can’t help but wonder why every newscast seems to start 10 to 15 minutes of information about the vaccine? The global-controlled mainstream news touts the vaccine as a preventative against the virus yet many people who have received the vaccine have either died of some type of complication or died from the very virus that the non-vaccine vaccine is supposed to protect against. Granted at this time it seems to be a small percentage, but with the possible exception of the Russian vaccine, none of the vaccines made in the USA or England pass either the medical or the legal definition of a vaccine. It is interesting to note that even in Russia many people are rejecting the vaccine.

The situation now occurring on the planet did not start with the release of the virus. Years of planning went into the process that is designed to rid the planet of a large number of people. Bill gates talked about this back in 2015, and others talked about it decades before that. The target for elimination is the “useless eaters.” They are defined as older people who no longer contribute to the active workforce. In other words, retired people. With an ever-shrinking labor force countries are now facing monetary shortfalls. The United States Social Security System is headed for a day of reckoning. At some point that “Ponzi” scheme will run out of money, but fear not, given the way the US Federal Reserve prints money the social security situation might not be as dire as it sounds. However, money alone does not create food. Worldwide the situation with food will at some point become a very serious problem. Exactly when that will happen is not yet clear, but mathematical models point out that it will indeed happen. Fear not, Bill Gates is buying up farms and farmland, and if Elon Musk gets his way he will soon be farming Mars. Don’t hold your breath for that one.

Discussions about population reduction are now very high on the agenda of those who claim to be responsible for managing the number of people on the planet. When intertwined with the human-created virus the vaccines are now considered by some to be worse than the virus. They are like a time-release tablet. They do their work over a period of time, and at least one of the videos I posted talk about this.

I am neither a medical researcher nor a doctor, but I am smart enough to recognize a person bleeding to death in the middle of the road. The glut of information available on the internet about the virus and the vaccines can make everyone an expert, but unless one seeks it out one will never get the truth. The TV and Radio media outlets are owned and controlled by the very people who want to reduce the population, so they will exercise heavy censorship on the truth all the while claiming that any information contrary to their “official” narrative is false and should not be believed. They are not predisposed to provide the facts that we need, but now millions of people are getting information from the Internet and are prepared to clearly state that the Emperor is NOT wearing any clothes.

I believe in keeping an open mind on any subject and I welcome any dissenting point of view regarding the suspect nature virus or the vaccines presented here. I also welcome any new information that verifies the clandestine nature of the vaccines. If you want to agree or disagree then please do so, but do it with facts and not opinion. There is a convenient reply field located below to write text or post a link to something on the internet. Videos and other links that run counter to the official narrative can be accessed here.

The virus and the vaccine debate will eventually come to a head, but like any conflict, there will be casualties along the way. I pray that you will not be one of them.

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