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In December 2019 a human-made virus escaped from a laboratory in China. Some evidence indicates that it was purposely released. Investigation into the origin of the virus seems to indicate that it was created then allowed to spread rapidly around the world. Looking at the way it quickly affected all parts of the globe it would be hard to think otherwise. If it is a true bioweapon created to infect the world’s population, as some are claiming, then we must be at war.

The virus that has the world scrambling to find a cure

The whole story is yet to emerge, but It does appear that there was a concerted effort by some country or some group to infect the world. The damage has been done, and the world has been thrust into chaos. It will probably never be the same as it was before the virus so all we can do now is try to understand the nature of what we are facing and act accordingly. This section of my blog is designed to assist in that effort. If you know the truth then you can make informed decisions.

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