Newsletter 08-27-2020

This is my first online newsletter of 2020 via my website. It might also be my last online newsletter, but that will be determined by the success of this one.

Note: I considered the newsletter format to not be effective so this is (was) my one and only newsletter. My public contact is now via my website.

For me, time seems to be moving faster than it did years ago, but I think that it might just seem that way to me because the older I get the slower I move. LOL Last week, I sprained my back, so this week I am moving even slower than usual. The good news is that with so many activities closed due to the pandemic, I have no need to go anywhere, so now I am always on time. Many people feel the need to blow off some steam, and one of our volcanoes just showed us how to do that. I live 22.5 miles from the closest volcano, so only the very fine ash ever gets this far. That used to be a problem, but no more because we are all wearing masks now anyway. <he-he>

When the world went into lock-down I started getting about 60 to 80 emails a day from the army of bored stay-at-home captives. I finally called time out. Using the power of my email client, Thunderbird, I very quickly and easily brought that situation under control. Each day seems longer now, and I clearly have a much easier time keeping up with the emails that deserve my attention. Weeeeeeee! Buy the way, because I use Thunderbird, as can you, I manage my seven email accounts easier than people with only one account who use the traditional email links to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail (MSM), etc. Bless you, Thunderbird. (It’s free)

On my website, I am presenting a series on asteroids leading up to the day that I will disclose the privileged information that I was given when I was with some professional astronomers. For now, what I am writing about concerning asteroids is simply background information. You can read my latest post at: Click on Deep Impact.  Also, go to the main menu and click on Technology to read more of what I wrote concerning asteroids.

There is so much happening right now that it is almost impossible to keep up with the daily glut of breaking news. I imagine that by now most people understand that the virus is just part of a larger plan that is unfolding on a global scale. All of us must reevaluate what to do to adjust to the evolving situation. Up to a point, it is a personal issue, but there is no escaping what is happening worldwide. There are far too many overall implications to assimilate, so one’s focus on long-term survival should the biological matter hits the fan. It matters not what you believe to be true, or not true, but I hear about people who are denying the reality that now grips the world. I am sorry to learn that some people do not get it. I can’t change that, but I will do what I can to pass along accurate information. The follow-up is on the reader of same.

On my website, I present what comes into my world. I pass along what I feel is useful or important. That information should be useful, but it will likely lead to other web links that will lead to yet other useful web links, etc. Much of what you need to know is already on the Internet. However, there is a concerted effort to purge, or suppress the truth, because it is in the interest of some very powerful people with a specific agenda to control the narrative. Especially the great god Google and the wholly compromised people who now run that organization. A few years ago Google crossed over to the Dark Side, and that has become an increasingly big problem for freedom-loving people everywhere.

TV news is a joke. We now live in the age of fake, and/or closely controlled TV and traditional print news. Some news outlets do try to tell the truth as they know it, but often even they do not present all of the important news. The consumer of the sanitized news just never gets exposed to issues that really matter. Thankfully, the real issues can be found elsewhere, and the best elsewhere is known as the Internet. The Internet, at least as it exists now, is the best source of information, but to ferret out the truth takes an effort, and some knowledge of how to do it. Consequently, most people would rather just turn on the TV and hope for the best. I personally like Gilligan’s Island reruns the best.

UPDATE: I planned to create a monthly email newsletter, but the world is moving too fast for a single monthly newsletter. My daily posts are a better way to help you stay informed. Moreover, links like this one are censored as quickly as YouTube finds them. If you click on it now you will get an interesting message that proves my point about censorship. It was clearly a Walk on the Wild Side, but now there is no way to watch it. It worked when I sent out the newsletter last August. I sent it with the admonition that you watch it quickly before the Google Censors got busy. It was especially interesting to anyone living in Canada.

I make no claim to the validity of the information presented on any third-party website or video that I mention nor do I take any responsibility for the contents. The content thereof is strictly the domain of the person or company that owns it. I do however encourage everyone to do as I do when I encounter something of significant importance. I download it to my computer then seek independent verification. That is pretty easy to do on the Internet.

My newsletters have gone the way of buggy whips, high button shoes, my hair, and Dodo Birds. Everything that I find interesting will now be in my blogs.


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