Back from the Southern Zone

Exploring Costa Rica – Bahía Ballena – Part 2

I made it back okay from Whale Bay.  I had a great time as did all in attendance.  I have some pix to post, and at some point, I will have a very nice video available.  I had a great time, but when I arrived back at my house, I started getting sick, and I essentially lost a day.  I am happy to report that, with every hour that passes, I seem to be getting better, so I will have more to say about the trip within the next couple of days.

For those that commented (off-line) about the maps in the previous post, I have this information for you.  It turns out that in the interest of conserving space, the server “detunes” some images. Displaying the maps as a photo is a quick and easy way to go, but as several of you pointed out, they are fuzzy after the server does its thing.  Accordingly, I will find a better way to put maps on the site, and as I have done for so many years, I will be creative in finding a work-around,  In any case, thanks for the feed-back.


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