According to the Kardashev Scale of civilization, there are three types of planets. Type one, type two, and type three respectively. On  this scale, our earth is a type zero.

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Unfortunately, our current technology cannot control the weather. After a moderate amount of rain this past winter, California is already back into a heavy summer drought complete with the traditional forest and grass fires. As you can see in my video, Lake Mead is at it’s lowest level since it was created. This has got to have a negative effect on Las Vegas, and the other communities down stream of Lake Mead—including portions of Mexico, if you can believe that.  CLICK HERE to read about the dispute.

On the other side of the coin, Memphis Tennessee, has an abundance of water, as does Costa Rica, where I live. Too bad we can’t control the weather, or can we? Some say that we can, and that we are, but not for the benefit of everyone.  in fact, maybe the reverse is true, but I don’t know. However, it would be great to have a way of providing sufficient rain to the areas that need it.

Just thinking out loud again.


2 thoughts on “Drought

  1. Hey Jim I saw a special on Lake Mead the other day. They have dug a long tunnel under the lake to the deepest point and will by able to get water from there for decades to come. It is akin to a drain in the bathtub.

  2. Austin:
    Thanks for the update. The real problem is getting more water into the lake. I found a link that talks about what you mentioned. It seems as if it is designed to extract water from the lake, not bring more. However, it also addresses some ways that more water could be had. When I get some time I will look for additional Info. Nevada/Arizona just needs some good old tropical rain for about six months. 🙂


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