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I hate it when it looks like we might be winning, but in reality, we might not be winning where it counts. With the announcement of his impending divorce, Bill Gates has opened the door to many related and unrelated virus questions. The revelations about his ancillary activities might overshadow the divorce and take center stage, but when one is super-rich things usually work out in one’s favor.

My original post titled “Funding Taken Away From The Gates Foundation” appears below. My conclusions back then seem to have been slightly altered now. Read what I wrote then read today’s headlines. Bill Gates is one of the protected ones on the planet now. We are not allowed to say that the emperor is not wearing any clothes nor can we say that Bill Gates and what he is doing is something less than wonderful. To do so invites banishment or censorship from one or more social media platforms. Funny how that works.

Archived Post:

It appears that the people finally won one in the courts, and it is a biggie! For years people have been fighting to break free of mandatory vaccines that in many cases have been proven to be responsible for some serious life-altering conditions, especially in very young children. It appears that a small measure of progress has been made toward legally condemning some vaccines. This could lead to the removal of, or the nullification of a few of the draconian laws that require parents to vaccinate their newborn babies, and young children. It might also strike down the need for adults to take vaccines as a condition of employment. Did the people actually win one here? It looks that way, but don’t start doing cartwheels on the lawn quite yet. It will take time and effort to overcome the evil agenda of the Globalists if it is even possible.

UPDATE June 2021:

Around the same time, the coronavirus was released in China, Facebook, Twitter, and Google along with its YouTube subsidiarity joined with other public social media platforms in an organized effort to censor any speech or thinking that did not fit the narrative of those who own and control the platforms. I am speaking of the real owners now and not the figurehead CEOs etc. As a result of this anything that goes against their agenda is forbidden to be publicly shared.

If you click on the “Click Here” link that appears below you will see a classic example of what I am telling you. For years the link connected to this important information was available to all, but not anymore. They removed it so that one cannot see it now.

Censorship is now pervasive in the USA, and in many other parts of the world. The free speech guaranteed by the US Constitution seems to have been superseded now. I read that the same thing is happening in England as well. Actually, England and the USA are common countries separated only by a language.

We now live in a brave new world, and nobody seems to know what will happen next. My feeling is that soon something dramatic will occur to significantly alter life as we have known it. To be sure, that is scary and I hope that my assessment is wrong, but the writing is on the wall.

My belief is based on the fact that the very wealthy among us are making plans to disconnect from what we call normal life. They are preparing island and/or underground living quarters in various locations around the world. I am preparing a comprehensive update on that situation. I will present it in a separate post so that I can go deeper into what is being done.

CLICK HERE to view the YouTube presentation that delivers the good news. If you clicked then you just witnessed censorship in action. This is now happening all over the internet, but now many new platforms are appearing that will never censor anything. Soon all the real news will be available through these outlets.

To be continued…

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