Covid-19 – Do not be scared

1. You may have to live with Covid-19 for months or maybe years, but don’t be scared. Do not let it ruin your life. Learn to live with reality.

2. There are no medicines that can destroy the Covid-19 virus once it has already traversed cellular walls.

3. Wash your hands and maintain a physical distance from other people. That is the best protection method.

4. If, at home, and you do not have a Covid-19 patient, you do not need to disinfect your home.

5. Supermarket bags and/or plastic bags, service stations, shopping carts, and ATMs do not cause infections. However, wash your hands often and live your life as usual.

6. Covid-19 is not a food infection. It is associated with infectious droplets such as influenza, there is no proof that Covid-19 is transmitted by food.

7. If you use any anti-allergy medicines or suffer from viral infections, you may lose your sense of smell, these are nonspecific symptoms of Covid-19.

8. When you come home, you do not need to change clothes or immediately shower. Cleaning is a virtue, not paranoia.

9. The Covid-19 virus does not travel far by air. It is a respiratory infection that requires close contact between people to replicate.

10. The air is clean, you can walk through parks and public places. Simply keep your physical distance from other people to protect yourself. The park will not infect you.

11. Only use common soap against Covid-19. It does not need antibacterial soap to kill it. It is a virus, not a bacterium. Regular soap is perfect to use against the virus.

12. You do not have to worry about restaurant food orders. But if it makes you feel better then you can heat everything in the microwave.

13. The possibility of bringing the Covid-19 home on your shoes is about the same as getting struck by lightning twice in a single day. I have worked against viruses for 20 years and I can verify that drop infections do not spread on shoes.

14. You cannot be protected from viruses by consuming vinegar, sugar cane juice, or ginger. It is only by immunity, and not by questionable substances that you will be protected. [Despite the claims of the WHO and the endless propaganda on TV, it has not been proven that ANY (so-called) vaccine provides immunity, so eat healthily and take vitamins. The basic ones are vitamin C, and D3, as well as Zinc, and melatonin.]

15. The use of a mask for a long time interferes with your breathing and drastically reduces oxygen levels. Only use a mask in crowded places or where required by local law to enter a public building.

16. Wearing gloves is also a bad idea; The virus can accumulate in the gloves and transmit easily if you touch your face. It is better to wash your hands regularly than to ever wear gloves.

17. The immune system weakens when you live in a sterile environment, even if you are taking supplements and/or medications that stimulate your immune system. It is best to eat healthily and go regularly to the park and/or beach or any other outdoor place. That will help build immunity. Immunity increases with exposure to pathogens, not when sitting at home and consuming fried and/or spicy foods and sweet drinks. [I have to work on that one. LOL]

I translated this text from a Spanish language source that presented the writings of Dr. Yohan Faheem, the head of the medical group that deals with infectious diseases at the University of Maryland, USA. I believe the information to be correct, and it could have come from any competent medical source. Where some clarity was needed I added a couple of comments between brackets [like this.]

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Original article in Spanish:

Virus Postings

Magnetic Personality

If you are a “doubting Thomas” it is time to pay attention to what is happening in the world of vaccines. A short time ago I sent out an email to my friends that contained a couple of pictures sent to me by a friend of mine. What came back to me were messages stating that the photos were somehow faked and in essence saying that she is lying. I asked my friend if she had faked them and she said no, they are real. What follows vindicates her, and she accepts your apologies.

Logic dictates that the weight of a cellular phone is too great to stick to someone’s arm by simple magnetism, and trying to use a magnet to prove that is not possible is not a valid test. That may seem logical, but the phenomenon related to the Covid vaccines, or at least one brand of those vaccines is clearly in play.

A Mexican TV show set out to debunk the many YouTube videos showing this magnetic phenomenon. (The link is at the end of this text.) The video shows that what happened surprised them. With their tails between their legs, they cut short their debunking efforts, but the damage had already been done. It is interesting to watch in real-time the proof that this Phenomenon is real. The stunned presenters and all who were watching it happen in real-time were instantly confused because logic did not seem to apply. When we are eventually told or when we otherwise discover the real reason for the magnetic properties it might become logical, but until then it is an indicator of an interesting (unknown) process in play. A cellular phone seems too heavy to be held up by a normal magnet. (Try it.)

Many board-certified doctors and top researchers have stated publicly that for a variety of reasons the vaccines are dangerous and harmful. No doubt you have seen or heard about the deaths or the adverse reactions that result when some people take the vaccine. The powers that be (TPTB) try to explain away those incidences as isolated. In a way they are correct, but high-profile cases like India’s top doctor dying the day after he took the vaccine live on TV present an inconvenient truth for the evil agenda behind the vaccines.

The attempts to silence any opposition to the vaccines are unprecedented. The drug companies have been asked again and again to disclose what is in the vaccine. They refuse to do that citing proprietary concerns. Say what? They have a guaranteed lock on the manufacturing and sale of the vaccine so that reason just does not fly. That leaves only one other possibility. They are producing a vaccine that has an ominous agenda, and the world desperately needs to understand what that agenda is. Where I live most newscasts devote the first 15 to 20 minutes every day to pushing the vaccines. Thankfully, many people here have caught on to what is happening and are refusing the vaccine. Sadly, the global reach of the evil ones has invaded the travel industry and soon one will not be allowed to travel unless proof of having the vaccine can be established. This Covid passport is as Orwellian as it gets. We live in a brave new world indeed.

There is a real concern that the vaccine will alter people’s DNA. There is already some early proof of that, but the long-lasting effects will take time to surface. I do not believe that we will see a world of “Walking Dead.” They won’t be walking.

Whatever your view of the vaccine the proof of the magnetic properties is now very clear. My neighbor had her second shot yesterday and when she came home she stuck to her refrigerator. The paramedics had to come and free her. This situation is… Okay, I made that up but is not that much of a stretch of the reality of what is happening worldwide. There are serious questions about the vaccine that must be answered. If you took the vaccine and you did not suffer or exhibit any adverse reactions then you were lucky. The real question is: What will happen in the long term?

The following video is in Spanish. Many of you will not understand the words but the video is easy to follow. You can turn down the sound if you wish and just watch what happens. It is interesting to watch the presenters. They set out to debunk the magnetic phenomenon and the opposite happened. Oops!

The evidence is now out in the open. The internet has hundreds of papers and videos that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Covid-19 vaccines have strange and even sinister properties. If you decide to take the vaccine that is your business but at least consider the facts. Some people who did take the vaccine died from the virus anyway. That is most unsettling.

For additional information:

I like They are not afraid to publish anything and they just might be the most politically incorrect website on the Internet. It is a great antidote for completely censored and controlled websites. People deserve to know the truth.

The Coronavirus

There is now some evidence that the Coronavirus was created specifically to alter human DNA. Can that really be true?

Whenever we are faced with dramatic news of any kind there is a tendency for some to dismiss it, and often label it a “*conspiracy theory.” This is usually because it is too far out of their comfort, or knowledge zone. Others will embrace it no matter how “far out” it might be. Still others will do some research before they reach a conclusion in their own mind. I place myself in the latter group.

The virus has clearly altered life on the planet. Not just with respect to our health and well-being, but apparently the planet is being socially re-engineered. Is this a conspiracy theory, or a true conspiracy? Evidence is mounting that it is a true conspiracy, and that is both scary and sad.

The biggest piece of evidence that a true conspiracy exists today is the fact that the big powerful Internet companies are scrambling to suppress any information about the virus, and related subjects that go counter to what the global conspirators want known about their agenda. Thankfully, the truth is still being shared outside their influence. Nevertheless, it is just a matter of time before their billions, or maybe trillions of dollars will find a way to further stifle the truth about their master plan. Do you think that notion is itself a conspiracy theory? If you do then you have not been privy to the hard evidence that exists which indicates that someone, or some group just does not want the truth to emerge.

There is a long list of articles, websites, and video presentations that contain facts which clearly show that the virus, and the attendant disruption to our lives is not an accident. An ever increasing number of highly trained, board certified, and well respected doctors are being censored for bringing forth uncomfortable facts about the virus, its prevention, and its cure. Why is that? Who benefits if the truth is suppressed? If you can answer that question then you will know who is behind the conspiracy. It is written: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

The notion that the earth is overpopulated has been around for many years. Since the early 20th century much has been written about the issue, and in recent years the dire warnings are getting louder. I did a quick web search to locate an appropriate link to overpopulation information. Instantly I was presented an avalanche of information that made my eyes glaze over. What is interesting is, no matter how I phrased my search criteria, the name Bill Gates kept popping up. Why is that? Well, it seems that Bill has become the poster boy for some of the evil things that are happening in the world right now. However, only verifiable facts can prove his culpability, or remove him from the conspiracy merry-go-round. Time will clearly reveal the final chapter on this one.

At some point a conspiracy theory either turns into a real conspiracy, or is proven to be without merit. At that point, some people will simply move on to the next conspiracy theory conveniently waiting in the wings. For some people the facts just do not matter. They have their minds made up, and that’s, that. Here’s a test for you. Try saying the word conspiracy with out following it with the word “theory.” That might give you a clue as to how you process information. As for me, I simply put on my tin foil hat and search the web for the truth. After all, if it is on the Internet it must be true—or not?

If you were able to find your way here to read my commentary, you no doubt know how to do a web search for information. All the same, I have included a list of some interesting links to the world population issue. They are important because there really is a movement to reduce the population of the planet to a point where we can realistically feed and otherwise support all life on the planet, including the animals.

My personal belief is that if we do not grow too fast, we can support the people. That brings me back to what I said in the beginning of this presentation. When a technology is applied correctly it can greatly benefit humankind. We can make the deserts bloom, and tame the vast areas of wilderness, but that comes with a hefty price tag, and begs the question—who will pay the price. I also give credence to the opposing point of view that says we simply have too many people using dwindling resources.

Maybe seriously curtailing new population growth is the answer. The alternative too reducing population by managing future growth is not pretty. As far as the virus is concerned, it is by accident or by design, culling the heard. If it is by design they the designers must be unmasked, no pun intended. Statistics reveal that the vast majority of deaths attributed to the virus are among the elderly and infirm. Is that just a coincidence? Are we all watching a strange and deadly experiment play out before our eyes? I don’t claim to know, but I do know that looking at the facts will reveal the truth.

It is not possible to speak about the virus and not inject worldwide population growth into the discussion. They seem to be two unrelated topic, but are they really. Just take a step back and look at the big picture, and don’t forget to wear your mask. They are watching you. LOL

When technology is applied correctly it can greatly benefit humankind, but when it is not, the results can be a disaster, as we have recently seen with the virus.


Vaccine Update

I hate it when it looks like we might be winning, but in reality, we might not be winning where it counts. With the announcement of his impending divorce, Bill Gates has opened the door to many related and unrelated virus questions. The revelations about his ancillary activities might overshadow the divorce and take center stage, but when one is super-rich things usually work out in one’s favor.

My original post titled “Funding Taken Away From The Gates Foundation” appears below. My conclusions back then seem to have been slightly altered now. Read what I wrote then read today’s headlines. Bill Gates is one of the protected ones on the planet now. We are not allowed to say that the emperor is not wearing any clothes nor can we say that Bill Gates and what he is doing is something less than wonderful. To do so invites banishment or censorship from one or more social media platforms. Funny how that works.

Archived Post:

It appears that the people finally won one in the courts, and it is a biggie! For years people have been fighting to break free of mandatory vaccines that in many cases have been proven to be responsible for some serious life-altering conditions, especially in very young children. It appears that a small measure of progress has been made toward legally condemning some vaccines. This could lead to the removal of, or the nullification of a few of the draconian laws that require parents to vaccinate their newborn babies, and young children. It might also strike down the need for adults to take vaccines as a condition of employment. Did the people actually win one here? It looks that way, but don’t start doing cartwheels on the lawn quite yet. It will take time and effort to overcome the evil agenda of the Globalists if it is even possible.

UPDATE June 2021:

Around the same time, the coronavirus was released in China, Facebook, Twitter, and Google along with its YouTube subsidiarity joined with other public social media platforms in an organized effort to censor any speech or thinking that did not fit the narrative of those who own and control the platforms. I am speaking of the real owners now and not the figurehead CEOs etc. As a result of this anything that goes against their agenda is forbidden to be publicly shared.

If you click on the “Click Here” link that appears below you will see a classic example of what I am telling you. For years the link connected to this important information was available to all, but not anymore. They removed it so that one cannot see it now.

Censorship is now pervasive in the USA, and in many other parts of the world. The free speech guaranteed by the US Constitution seems to have been superseded now. I read that the same thing is happening in England as well. Actually, England and the USA are common countries separated only by a language.

We now live in a brave new world, and nobody seems to know what will happen next. My feeling is that soon something dramatic will occur to significantly alter life as we have known it. To be sure, that is scary and I hope that my assessment is wrong, but the writing is on the wall.

My belief is based on the fact that the very wealthy among us are making plans to disconnect from what we call normal life. They are preparing island and/or underground living quarters in various locations around the world. I am preparing a comprehensive update on that situation. I will present it in a separate post so that I can go deeper into what is being done.

CLICK HERE to view the YouTube presentation that delivers the good news. If you clicked then you just witnessed censorship in action. This is now happening all over the internet, but now many new platforms are appearing that will never censor anything. Soon all the real news will be available through these outlets.

To be continued…

I am not personally responsible for the content or the execution of any third-party website or third-party presentation.

Drinkable Water


Who is buying up all the water rights in the world?

You may have plenty of good drinkable water where you live, but so many locations do not. Never fear, the profiteers are ready to assist you…for a price of course. In some places, water is now more costly than an equal amount of gasoline. How strange is that? Stories abound about someone, or a group of someone’s controlling the weather to make drought conditions. I have no knowledge of that, so I will just let it be a thought in the wind for now. You can do your own research on that issue if you so desire. However, Were I the evil overlord of the world, I would buy up all the water rights, and then start causing droughts. Sound too far-fetched? Well the Internet is rife with information about this very thing happening right before our eyes, or so it seems. Here are some links that support those suspicions.

Link to Water Barons

Link to Water Grab

Link to Coca Cola Page

Should you care to know more, do a web search for: Who is buying up all the water rights in the world.

It would be a great story if it were simply a case of a benevolent company coming to the rescue, but I wonder if maybe something more sinister is afoot. Maybe you can help clarify this situation, please share your information here.



Life Matters

As I grow older, I am more conscious of my health. I am keenly aware that people in my age group are dying at a rate faster than other age groups. Maybe that is normal, but it seems important to be aware of the things that one can do to have a healthier life. However, I suspect that playing with a crocodile is not considered a life-extending activity.

I am not a doctor, nor an alternative medicine health guru, but I know that some of you reading this might fit into one or more of those categories. Consequently, I invite you to share health care tips or testimonials about products that have had a beneficial effect on people’s health. I am looking for testimonials, not commercials, but if a product is commercially available I will consider sharing it here. Your experience with a product, or treatment, is what we need to know.

This was published before the Coronavirus, so it must be read with that in mind

Dangerous Virus for ALL Humanity


Like most people, I enjoy discovering that I am correct about something, but when I publish a prognostication that comes to pass, I feel quite brilliant as well. It is clear that I got lucky with one of my posts, and as soon as I am finished patting myself on the back I will explain.

Way back in 2016 I posted an article, that at the time caught my attention. It was about, of all things, the possibility, actually the probability that a terrible virus would be unleashed which would infect, most of the world. Back then some people believed that it was inevitable. Suddenly in 2020 along comes Covid-19 appearing as if it were preordained. Apparently it was!

I am a news reporter–not a news-maker, so it is a bit strange that I would have been so strongly drawn to put a story on my website that turned out to be prophetic. With that in mind, read, or reread what I posted in 2016. It predicted the virus we now face in 2020. This is proof that the coronavirus was planned for some time.


For one of my first posts in the Health Matters Section, I decided to scare the heck out of you. I imagine that first starting with something simply too bad to contemplate, would make most of the other health news seem like all good news.

Professor Stephen Hawking, the scientists best known for his theories time, and on the nature of back holes—the ones in space, and also his admonition of us not advertising to the galaxy our presence here on earth, is now speaking out on things so small we can’t see them without a microscope. He contends that a virus could end it all for humanity. Not a pleasant thought!

The following link is not for the faint of heart. It is however good to be aware of what can affect us, so if you are up for it, CLICK HERE, or go back to the main menu, and click on “Humor” instead.

Volcano in my Backyard

Volcano Action

This morning I went outside and saw the cars covered with a fine ash that looked to me like face powder.  I live 22.3 miles from a volcano that erupted during the night.  I believe that 22 miles is far enough away to avoid being affected by the full furry of the volcano should it go crazy, but when the wind is blowing from the east, my location gets a dusting of ash known in Spanish as ceniza volcánica.  If during an eruption the wind is blowing this way, then it might dictate that I wear a dust mask to keep from ingesting the fine ash.  Just in case, I keep several on hand should it become necessary.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of what happened May 12, 2016,