Volcano in my Backyard

Volcano Action

This morning I went outside and saw the cars covered with a fine ash that looked to me like face powder.  I live 22.3 miles from a volcano that erupted during the night.  I believe that 22 miles is far enough away to avoid being affected by the full furry of the volcano should it go crazy, but when the wind is blowing from the east, my location gets a dusting of ash known in Spanish as ceniza volcánica.  If during an eruption the wind is blowing this way, then it might dictate that I wear a dust mask to keep from ingesting the fine ash.  Just in case, I keep several on hand should it become necessary.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of what happened May 12, 2016,


4 thoughts on “Volcano in my Backyard

  1. Be careful out there my friend. Kasey and I can’t wait to come back. Do you know if our future house lot is still being preserved for us? Wish you well!

  2. Eric, and Kasey:
    I am sitting on a tree stump with a loaded shotgun keeping your future home-site safe from the legion of tourists that come wandering by each week. 🙂 Actually all is well, and the rains have arrived to make everything a beautiful lush green. I am going back to the land soon to take some nice photos and videos. Have a great summer, and when the cold winds blow, come back this way again.
    Pura Vida,

  3. Are you sure 22 miles is far enough away?? Having toured Pompeii it makes me wonder! Just a joke.!!

  4. Carol:
    Thanks for sharing. I felt pretty sure that 22 miles was sufficient, then I read your comment about Pompeii. Now I am not so sure. No doubt, from now on I will sleep with one eye open.

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