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What’s in your future? Is it sunshine, lollipops, unicorns, and rainbows? I hope it is, but beyond wars, and rumors of wars, and a human-created virus, there is a certain reality that awaits all of us.

Question: Is your job secure? Do you even have a job? If Covid-19 Madness has come to your community, you might not be working now. If you are one of the lucky ones with a job, but you should consider that you might not have the job security that your parents or grandparents enjoyed. Times have changed, and there is no gold watch in your future.

Those of you who do not understand what a gold watch has to do with working are probably on the near side of 50, and if you are in your 20s or 30s, it is unlikely that you even have a clue as to what the gold watch has to do with working, but I digress.

Why are jobs and the future of human labor in jeopardy? I can tell you in one word–ROBOTS. The rate at which robots powered by artificial intelligence are advancing is mind-boggling. I am interested in both Robots and Artificial Intelligence so I constantly seek the latest information on the development of both, but I can scarcely keep up with the rapid advancements in either field. I also understand that real cutting-edge technology in Artificial Intelligence and Robots is classified and not available to the public. It takes time for cutting-edge advancements to emerge and appear on YouTube, but enough is already published or “leaked out.”

Big companies like Amazon already utilize robots to a great extent. Even smaller companies now employ robots and that will expand as time goes by. One of my favorite examples of robots in the workplace is the robot duo that serves coffee in Korea. CLICK HERE to see the Coffee Robots

NOTE: To preserve the continuity of reading the text each of the video links is also presented in a single list at the end of this text.

Robots come in many shapes and sizes. Only a few of them look like Robbie the Robot from the 50s and 60s television and movies. However, now some look incredibly like humans. Of course, many robots have no human form at all. Most do not walk or talk, but it is the human-like robots that will define our future.

One robot has gained quite a bit of fame. Her name, or should I say its name is Sophia. She is a robot that appears to be artificially intelligent, but she might not really be as intelligent as she appears. Some even say that she is a hoax. Nevertheless, she was given full citizenship in Saudi Arabia making her the first robot in modern history to achieve that status. However, if nothing else, she is giving us a look at what a truly artificially intelligent autonomous robot of the future might be. I am not sure about the ultimate consequence of that situation. CLICK HERE to see the Human-like Robot “Sophia”

There is no question that a robotic device is coming for your job. That’s a given, and it includes those of you in the medical and legal professions. With the possible exception of the world’s oldest profession, no job is robot-proof, but should we worry?

There might be cause for alarm, but it is never over until the fat lady or the fat robot sings. Some governments are already looking at how a guaranteed income for everyone might work. In the USA and other countries such as Germany, we have already seen people receiving money for not working. These payments are designed to help people during the Covid-19 “pandemic.” The checks are called Stimulus Payments, but it is unlikely that they stimulate anyone to work. They are doing just the opposite. The unemployed stay unemployed as long as they are receiving the free money, but how long will this continue, and will the concept carry over to people whose job was given to a robot? That’s a very important question.

Once a robot displaces a person from his or her job, how will that person live? Under the current system, one must work to get money to eat, pay bills and pay for the other things that constitute living in our modern world. Once there is no work and no pay, what happens then?

Some people understand that sooner or later, robots will replace them. That is probably still several years off, but when that happens, will the displaced worker still be compensated? Does this scenario sound like a fairy tale? Maybe, but not so fast. In some circles, this type of guaranteed income is being considered.

Have the Covid stimulus payments already provided us proof of concept? The virus lock-downs forced millions of people to suddenly be without a job. That includes small business owners as well. The government shelled out Billions of dollars to millions of people. What was the source of that money? This article is about robots, not economics, but the short answer is the folks in charge simply cranked up the printing presses and printed the money they needed to pay the masses. Yes, Virginia, they can do that!

Understand that sooner or later, robots will replace some humans. When that happens, will the displaced worker still be compensated? Does that sound like a fairy tale? Maybe, but not so fast. In some circles, this type of guaranteed income has been considered. Once a robot displaces a person from his or her job, how will that person live? Under the current system, one must work to earn money to eat, pay bills and buy the things that constitute living in our modern world. If there is no work and no pay, what happens then?

Have you given any thought to what you would do if you did not have an income? Without money, an individual or a family faces a dicey future that might even end in premature death. That is a harsh reality, but some influential people believe the planet is exceedingly overpopulated. Consequently, they feel the need to reduce the number of people drawing on the planet’s finite resources. Can that be true? Some say that it is, and that’s scary, but the process of thinning the herd might already be underway. CLICK HERE.

To truly understand what is afoot, we must now enter what some would call Conspiracy Land to examine what’s lurking there. There are many theories, but I want to focus on what I believe is the number one hard-to-believe scenario.

Once robots become perfected, especially the android human-looking artificially intelligent versions, the need for a carbon-based life that consumes food, water, air, and other resources is no longer high on the priority list. That is not a pleasant thought. We are constantly hearing that food and water are getting more scarce now than at any other time in history. Climate change combined with a burgeoning population will eventually reach a tipping point. That is when there will not be enough precious commodities for everyone. At that point who decides how things are to be shared? To view my post on the vanishing Lake Oroville CLICK HERE.

Some people take comfort in the fact that the powers that be, the wealthy self-serving elites that run things, are also human, and they too would suffer from a calamity. Really? Not so fast Red Ryder. Remember the artificially intelligent human-like robots I told you about? Once they achieve a certain level of development, it is, point, set, and match in favor of the robots. The air-breathing resource-consuming human population will become expendable. Well, what about the elites? They are people too, I believe, and they will need the aforementioned, food, air, and water as well. True but they have an insurance policy.

Years ago, the wealthy elite bought their insurance policies. They built luxury underground facilities. New Zealand seems to be the location of choice. Other wealthy elites are making plans to live on privately owned islands. The USA has reportedly built several Deep Underground Military Bases or D.U.M.B.sThe United States government built underground facilities for the survival of the President and the congress in case of a nuclear war or another catastrophe. Some of these are literally small cities. Russia has a giant facility under Moscow, and recently they held a drill to see how fast people could get into it. To see some underground installations CLICK HERE.

There is evidence that a human-caused virus or some natural calamity is coming to wipe out the billions of “useless eaters.” When that event arrives, the elite and other selected people will retreat into their prefabricated survival bunkers. The rest of the population will be left to survive, or not survive by their own devices. Young, healthy people or anyone prepared for the coming calamity have a better chance to survive.

Now it is time to connect the dots. Some public pronouncements along with published or leaked documents prove that the elite wants the planet for themselves. They seem unconcerned about the survival of the “unwashed masses.” A harsh reality for sure.

Technology has already advanced to the point where people can live underground and live well. They can have all the necessary comforts without having things like hurricanes, tornadoes, civil unrest, and those annoying civil liberty laws that keep getting in the way of those who wish to rule. They won’t need human servants because they will have their Artificially Intelligence personal robots to attend to their every need. Is that a real possibility, or is it just a fairy-tale? Time will tell, but at this point, it seems there will come a day when it is possible.

Now it is time to connect the dots. Some public pronouncements along with published or leaked documents prove that a group wants the planet for themselves. They seem unconcerned about the survival of the “unwashed masses.” A harsh reality for sure.

If somewhere along the way I lost you, don’t worry. The videos that are part of this document will provide a complete picture. I will present a Part-2 with more information, so for now, believe it or not, like it or not, artificially intelligent robots are coming. That is no longer in doubt. The point of debate is on the timing of the transformation. The year 2050 is often the prime candidate for that, but now some in the industry are saying it might be as soon as 2030. That is only eight and a half years away! It is doubtful that I will be alive in 2050, but I could be living in 2030. That makes the possibility of a robotic world for me more interesting to contemplate.

Watching the incredibly rapid development of robots is like a spectator sport. Unfortunately, when it comes to Robots not many people are unaware of what is happening. They cannot connect the dots to see the future. Maybe I have helped you shine a light on the emerging technology and helped you to understand that someday robots will play a significant role in our society.


Video List:

Hundreds of videos about robots and Artificial Intelligence are available on the Internet. You could literally spend all day watching them and never see them all. I will let you do a web search for the ones that interest you, but I will start you off with a few to give a peek at what is out there.

CLICK HERE to see the Coffee Robots
CLICK HERE to see the Human-like Robot “Sophia”
CLICK HERE to see more Sophia
CLICK HERE to see even more Sophia
HAGA CLIC AQUÍ Robot humano “Sophia” (español) Spanish Language
CLICK HERE to see the murky future of Robots
CLICK HERE to view my post on the dried-up Lake Oroville, California

Obviously, there is not much publicly available information concerning the Deep Underground military bases (D.U.M.B.s) or the elite shelters. Unfortunately due to the recent policy changes of YouTube, the links that I had bookmarked in the past no longer work. They have been expunged. However, I did find one source that has some information and photos. CLICK HERE to see some underground installations.

If you seek more information then do a web search for Deep Underground Military Bases.

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