Is this drought one of the run-of-the-mill weather woes of the year or has a drought like this ever happened before? Yes, it has, and I was living in California when it happened before. The very next rainy season solved the problem when record rains filled all of the reservoirs to overflowing, but there is no guarantee that will happen this time around. If record rains do not come then California is in big trouble. There could even be a shortage of drinking water.

I live in the tropics and right now it is the rainy season. Everything here is so green and so wet you could not start a forest fire with a military-grade flame thrower. Ha… it just started raining again even as I write this. If only there were a way to send our rain to California.

The issue of climate change is very complicated. No single weather event can verify or negate what is happening to the planet, but the lack of water in California is affecting farmers and that is in turn affecting food production, which in turn will affect humans.

I am not saying the sky is falling, but in the American west, nothing except soot from the forest fires is falling. That can’t be good for anyone!

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