I live in Costa Rica.  It never snows here, but we do have several volcanoes. Having a volcano in your backyard can sometimes be exciting especially when they say HELLO. The video below is from TODAY – June 28, 2021.  

Web Cams

Coronavirus Web Cam Update

During the current virus pandemic, most of us are forced to do our traveling via TV and the Internet. Web Cams are a great way to make our Escape.

One of my first posts was about Web Cams. Back then there were not that many offerings, but some of them were really interesting. Now there are thousands of Web Cams, and they are not just interesting, but many are in high definition. The clarity is so good that it is almost like being there.

In my original post I mentioned that many of them are focused on interesting subjects like wild life in the Jungle, or watching baby eagles hatch–a wide spectrum of live, and prerecorded events on just about every subject imaginable. To even begin to catalog all the web links would take hours of searching and recording. What was once a thousand or less offerings is now several thousand, and is increasing every day. However, while I was searching for some live cameras, I found a great link that has done much of the heavy lifting for us. It is called EarthCam, and in addition to having already cataloged thousands of interesting cameras, EarthCam actually hosts the cameras. I spent over an hour just looking at all of the live video from around the world. So many places, and so little time.  Below, are are some links just to get you started.


If you have a favorite Web Cam, send me the link. I will share it with everyone that comes to my website.

I leave you with a word of caution. If you search the web using the term “webcam,” you will likely encounter some pornographic websites, so keep that in mind. Sadly, the word “webcam” has been hijacked.

Happy travels…