I live in Costa Rica.  It never snows here, but we do have several volcanoes. Having a volcano in your backyard can sometimes be exciting especially when they say HELLO. The video below is from TODAY – June 28, 2021.  

Flying Feet

One of my favorite songs is played by 30 toes on the biggest piano I ever saw! It is raining right now where I live so watching this video brought forth some sunshine and it made my day.


First Experience

A woman from Central America has her first experience with snow and cold. I grew up in Michigan and winter was a part of my life, but people who live in the tropics seldom, if ever have the chance to experience snow and cold. When they do it can be shocking, but it is usually a fun experience. Just knowing that one need never endure an entire frigid winter season is comforting unless of course, you like winter. As I write this I am sitting in the tropics in front of a fan. It is 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) with 110% humidity. That snow looks pretty inviting to me right now. CLICK HERE to watch the short video.

What a Croc

I actually have several videos of crocodiles that I have taken over the years.  The video speaks for itself so Click here to view it.