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This section is a repository of articles, and links, designed to address the Science & Technology that exists today, as well as looking at what the future might bring.

Given that some people were absent from school the day they taught science, I feel that, as a science junkie, maybe, if it were needed, I could be of some help with regard to understanding the rapidly unfolding technology. Therefore, it is my goal to present what I believe are the significant advancements in science and technology that affect us.

To most folks, it is clear that we will eventually go to the stars. From my perspective, we are running behind with that lofty goal, but my main concern is that I won’t live to see it happen. Of course, before we go dashing across the galaxy, we must first get to Mars, and maybe even revisit the moon. Those are both ambitious goals, but very necessary for human kind. According to the people working toward that end, trips to Mars could happen within the next 10 years. Trips to the moon could happen even sooner. I want it to happen in my lifetime, but if I don’t live to see it, I will still follow the milestones as they occur. Of course, there are many scientific advancements that are more earth-centric, and I will address them as well.

If you have something interesting that pertains to things scientific, and would like to share it, please send it to me. The best way is to send it via email at, or use the Contact Page.


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